Home Hydrant Vs. Home Built. Why buying a prepackaged 13D fire pump system saves contractors money.

In the process of fitting a new home with residential fire sprinklers, hundreds if not thousands of line item parts are funneled through the pipeline until the house is finished. Each item takes up valuable time to track down, order, deliver and install.

One critical component of many 13D sprinkler systems is the tank and pump. If the city water supply is not sufficient to feed the sprinkler system with water, either a larger meter must be installed, or a tank and pump. The tank and pump system is comprised of many pieces other than just the poly tank and the small pump. If a contractor is building the system themselves, they must source all of the components and build it by hand in the name of saving a few bones on the backend and in turn saving the home owner money. After the time has been spent ordering all the parts, and waiting for them to come in one by one, they could have been onto installation and inspection. Also, how many times is the wrong part ordered, sent back and replaced? THAT is costly.

Let’s not forget that to the home owner, space is at a premium. When the contractor builds their own tank and pump system, they have no choice but to build out… not up (as shown). You can see that the DIY systems placed the pump on floor, then configure the piping from the tank across the floor. Also, the riser is left out in the open and prone to damage. Only the Home Hydrant keeps the pump off the floor, orients all of the components vertically which saves space, and protects all off the piping because it is enclosed by the channel in the tank.