240 Volt, Single-Phase Electric Motor / Controller

Where NFPA-13D Booster Pumps are required, the biggest challenge is setting the pressure switch for dependable operation considering a varying supply pressure from the city. The new FTS Fire Pump package from Talco Fire Systems, is designed to activate only when the pump demand is present, eliminating the need for a pressure switch, check valve, or any adjustments whatsoever.

FTS systems are only suitable for booster pump service. Flow switches require a flow of no less than 5GPM through the pump to activate. Do not attempt to utilize an FTS without sufficient flow, such as when a water storage tank is the supply.

  • This is the system you need when you are boosting city pressure to meet the demands of your fire sprinkler system.
  • FTS systems utilize a flow sensor to control their "AUTO" function.
  • Eliminates Pressure Switch.
  • “Plug and Play” Start-Up with no adjustments.
  • Residential Buildings - This residential fire pump system is designed to comply with NFPA-13D

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