Talco Fire Systems has been building premium quality fire pump systems for over 30 years. Specializing in both residential and commercial packaged fire pump systems, we design & custom build packaged units to fit any application. Our packaged systems will save you time, money, and headaches. We pull it all together, you drop it in place. Whether you need a residential fire pump and tank for your home or a 5000 GPM diesel driven fire system for a multi-warehouse complex - Talco has you covered.
Home Hydrant Residential Pump & Tank Systems
LSF Residential Fire Pumps are designed to comply with NFPA 13D codes. 5 standard models are available covering the most common residential fire pump design requirements.
LSF Residential Fire Pumps
HDR Fire Pumps are designed to be an unlisted, lower cost/short lead-time alternative to listed 13R fire pump systems. These systems will require AHJ approval.
HDR Residential Fire Pumps
13-ULV Fire Pumps are designed for 13R applications. These models are built around a listed vertical inline fire pump with a limited service controller. 5 standard models are available with flow rates up to 250 GPM.
NFPA13R Fire Pumps
ULR Fire Pumps are built with standardized configurations for applications requiring full NFPA 20 compliance. ULR systems feature flow capacities of up to 1500GPM.
NFPA20 Packaged Fire Systems
G-Series NFPA 20 compliant fire pump packages are built from the ground up to fit your specific site requirements & design conditions. Diesel or electric driven available. These packages are frame mounted, fully piped, fitted, and wired before they leave our shop.
NFPA20 Packaged Fire Systems
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