FPC article July, 2020

Jake Ike


Talco’s production, and the role they play in their customer’s supply chain during this turbulent time, is still healthy and progressing strongly. Their craftsmen and technicians’ thorough approach to designing and building top tier fire pump systems has been saving time and money for America’s fire sprinkler contractors since 1988. Well-rounded and purposefully executed knowledge of the industry comes from over 30 years of operation and dedication from key employees. Always first, often copied, Talco has been innovating new designs in the residential fire pump market for decades; leading the way forward with their Home Hydrant tank and pump system, available in 350 and 450-gallon tank sizes with three different pumps options to cover a wide range of sprinkler system designs. The Home Hydrant is the premier turn-key system, and comes standard with a Potter VSR-S flow switch, pump test loop, and Smart Control Suite that prevents pump cycling and requires no adjustments in the field. Fill the tank, connect the discharge, and add power.

Currently, Talco offers nineteen different 13D, five 13R, and countless options for larger packaged fire pump systems and also represents Aurora fire pump’s Pacific Northwest territory including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.

Talco’s management and office staff transitioned to telecomuting at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has opened the doors for Talco’s younger team members to step into larger rolls of responsibility, paving the way forward for this family-owned legacy company. A younger outlook on new and old designs, as well as supply chain administration, has brought on more efficient and cost-effective methods of production, that ultimately translate into improvements in quality and reliability and provide a more installation-friendly product for the customer.

Through the current national health crisis, Talco is still shipping nationwide and maintaining production of 13R, 13D, and commercial packaged fire pump systems. Each completed system and sub-system is tested for leaks and performance, making for some pretty clever testing apparati around the shop. From custom-built pressure testing manifolds for discharge hoses and riser assemblies to complex test stands that test and measure the operation of each unit, quality control is a critical aspect for all of Talco’s products. Every tank that goes through the shop is air tested for leaks. Every pump is tested for performance. Every fitting is observed for quality.

Talco has adapted to many changes and growth periods since it opened in the late 1980s, started by Vic and Linda Talon. Their legacy is still thriving under new ownership by maintaining durable relationships with the customers and vendors that are so essential in propelling the company forward. Still family owned and operated, still innovating, still serving, Talco has you covered.